One day on a sea shore,

conversation between ocean water and rocks went like this

Don’t you have any moment of despair ?

Why would you hit me with your tiny waves?
I’m not gonna move an inch..

I’ve felt the setback several times.

I was calm as dead in the middle of the deep sea.
But then, my friend Air created ripples in me.
At dusk and dawn tides motivated me, pushed me to try further

you are rich with pearls, fishes, treasure and minerals.. why me?

How could my inclusion make you complete ?
Don’t you see, I have my roots here, My family is here.

Did you observe basalt deposits on you I’ve managed to protect you with ?
I’ve made you smoother with these waves
Don’t you feel the synergy, It would be good if we unite

I’ve seen your confluence with the rivers,

What identity is she left with?

Her waters got much space to explore now..

I could make you soft like beach sand…
Children would love to build castles with you
People would love you when they feel you beneath their feet..

I don’t need that quantum leap

This is my home and it will be..
I don’t wish to be trapped in a glass-hour
When your waves become intense,
you drag people into you and kill some.
I don’t wish to be part of that blood-bath

I would rather be safe-point here than a pleasure prize
One day, this algae might wash away from me.
There is room for hope If I stand strong..

Yesterday, I’ve decided not to join you

and some yesterdays always remain

Sometimes standing still could be the best move.

I love your companionship!!

You are the one motivating me by constantly challenging
You might wash away sand beneath me
but you couldn’t make me fall ever
I don’t yearn for a comfort zone

next time, don’t just gently touch me with your waves
Splash me with your energy..

This shore is our meeting place
This shore is my Paradise.

Ocean – the way world works
Rocks – your moralities/inhibitions


Identity Crisis

What hurts you?
What could possibly make you happy.

What is love?
A joy that wounds.

What is pain?
Constant reminder of how it was better.

What is trust?
Giving more access of oneself to others.

Who has the the loudest voice?

What is Reality?
A dream to the Dreamer.

At the end of the day, Who wins ?
Selfishness, Lies.

Who loses ?
Honesty, truth.

I thought there is no parameter to define Humanity, Freedom.
But there is… Status and Money

Yesterday I was young, I thought of changing this world..
Now I’ve grown up and thought of changing myself.

But my silence says not to go the rogue way….

In silence, I heard my inner voice otherwise called gut feeling..

I’d rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not.

I’d rather hurt myself and keep things to myself than hurting others..

I’d rather disappear than pretend to be tough n happy when I’m not..

practice makes man perfect & nobody is perfect are the most used statements

=> Nobody can be perfect. Then why practice to be perfect??

Why try to be someone else who you are not  and insult the person you are ?

After all, life is all about mastering the art of deception and being acceptable.

Inspiration : Kurt Cobain

Golden Hours

n.(photography) period shortly after sunrise or before sunset during which daylight is redder and softer compared to when the Sun is higher in the sky

n.(medicine)  a time period lasting for one hour, or less, following traumatic injury being sustained by a casualty or medical emergency, during which there is the highest likelihood that prompt medical treatment will prevent death

Please refer Male “HE, The Boy” to Sun


Has anyone seen The Boy with red-face coming out daily from the East?

Like an annihilated candle, he doesn’t wish to leave a mark of his existence

Neither does he crave for recognition by casting a shadow of himself

Instead he casts a shadow of yourself under clear sky to give an idea about yourself

He exists just to burn and show that the room is not empty

He chooses to fade away slowly rather than dying out immediately
to guide the birds flock to their home.

Look at the shadow you’ve cast during Golden hour..

He says you are more than what you appear to be…

Mirror is an mythical projection of oneself, hallucination of one’s beauty

Beauty lies in what one does for others with generosity not out of sympathy..

He laughs at our stupidity of feeling that one person is more than the other when everyone’s shadow has the same darkness.

Your size may change but your darkness wouldn’t.

What a Kid he is with sublime generosity

Generous enough to give heads-up while navigating when all other tools are lost

He fades away in the  quiet corner to give someone else the golden hour they deserve

When you mistreat his Woman(Earth), he sends you to an Egypt that doesn’t exist(Summer)

He shows us how to be selfless, generous and kind.

He says we could be kings, we could be walking stars.

There is a way feelings translate from thoughts to words, words to poem.

and this is how it always is to finish a poem.


A Tribute to Nobel Laureate Mr. Kailash Satyarthi, A true star on Earth.

Balanced Wings


A bird that flies with balanced wings always couldnt make a turn
To bank on left/right, it needs to unsettle itself
come out of its comfort zone
Birds are you see are huge metaphors of inspiration

These writings are poor translation of my thoughts
These pictures are poor reproduction of my vision
Though the experiences are rich

Experimenting my hand at Photography; a game of light, colors and shadows.
This article is a brief stint to express my love for nature and birds.

Icon of Peace and Love
Angry birds, pigeon version
*Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere…..
……they are in each other all along!!*


Existence has no better gift!
Don’t move away, Don’t ask me to move away.
Flapping wings would take further than any thinking.
Balance of Wings
Let the beloved come and sit like a guard.
Leap of Faith
Embracing Nature during Golden hour
A life without calculations
I’m not here to just visit you, I’m here to be with you forever.
Loneliness Solitude
Unfold your own Myth*
Journey home….
….is never too long


An experiment with Aperture, letting more light come into the subject is the reason behind these amazing captures.



When Light enters, nothing else matters (observe missing vehicles)
karma always follows
Undistorted minds
finally, pitta pita pita 😉

*captions Inspired from Rumi’s poetry & ARR’s Bombay Dreams.

The Light

The things I admired started scaring me

Ocean that caught my heart’s attention has turned to darkened water
Mountain cliff that had the best view of the city is now a danger spot
Stranded in the wild is no more an adventure, instead a run for life

staring at stars in the sky has blown a rage in me
these stars took away our future of union by its prediction

I thought I would have a say in my life altering decisions, but the horoscope reader did..

This life is a game of chess

You try until the end, 
you say nothing you move your silent piece,
When you have no moves left,
when all your options die-out,
Like a fight less chicken,
you give up.

sometimes,giving up is honoring someone else more than yourselves

sometimes,giving up is letting others try their shot at success

passersby may mock,
but valor pats on your back and says, “its okay, its the right thing to do”

There is no right or wrong in the tune of music,
the one who composes only know the rightdoings and wrongdoings..

Dedicated to my friend who is going through bad times