second chance

What is second chance?“, asked Laila during her bedtime story.

He grabs her close, and says..

“If you put on shoes that are too tight
and walk out across an empty plain,
you will not feel the freedom…
until you take off your shoes.

people at a distance see you walking there
and wish they were out in the open like you,
but as the saying goes, they are not in your shoes.

Before sleeping, you take off  the tight shoes and release yourself.

Second chance is a chance for freedom we gift ourselves”

The little girl couldn’t understand what her father meant,
and so he continued…

We all come from mother’s womb,
we all had a life in there
9months pass,and its time to be born
she gave us a second chance to live in an alternative universe, this place.”

Laila asked him to elaborate further, to which he told,

I was once travelling alone on a bike
I was alert and cautious, then a heavy vehicle came on to me.
like a raging bull in sight of red flag.
I thought I will die but miraculously escaped..
I boast that missed accident as adventure”

but in reality, that’s the nature’s way of giving me second chance to see another day”

Little Laila unable to comprehend shook her head in all directions. And so the father continued trying to explain,

“when your mother was about to leave this world,
she knew I couldn’t live without her
so she gave me a beautiful princess
in the name of Laila, she gave me a second chance to live”

but daddy, you got more than one chance/cause to live another day,
then why would you consider every time as your second chance when its 3rd chance, 4th chance, 5th chance..” asked those tiny little eyes..
her father replied
success is full of relatives and friends whereas failure is an orphan..
many times we fail to achieve what we desire,
all those failures are considered as a single entity, an orphan
success that follows failure is the second chance everyone talks about..

second chance is when we give chance to ourselves.
thought of Second chance cross the mind when we count the first.

Laila had a broad smile on her face, pecker on her father’s cheek and slept like a baby.



existence of excuses

lock 1000 people, and they fight with a banner of a god
they created “religion

Lock 100 people in a cellar, several groups unite and form a community
they created nations and the tag “sons of motherland

Lock 10 people in a room, they formed groups and divided themselves
they invented a  rule book “social acceptance

Lock two people in a room, they fought for dominance
they  started being “competitive

leave two people in a forest, they fought together for survival against wild species
they termed it”fittest of survival

leave a person on an island, he battled his way out
he finally came in terms with the term “humanity

Whatever comes in this world, comes from a need,
a sore distress, a hurting want.

every existence has its excuses

 and every excuse create ruckus
answer to that ruckus is the reed with holes drilled into it
reed that plays music of love, peace.
Ever thought of The God we are praying to, has been in human form at-least once.
We fail to grasp the underlying message of the basic concept of God,
God was and is in the human form for the selfless service one renders to their fellows.
God’s message is sound and clear, our translation is poor.

Like this

There are thoughts that cannot be bluffed

like this.

There is a constant war going inside the heart

like this.

Recollecting the broken pieces from past

like these.

World made me realize a smile can be corrupted
Deception is easier than being transparent..

like this.

How do you manage to get a passage into my dreams
amidst a busy day with mind cluttered with work

like this.

I stayed awake the whole night accompanying moon to stop dreaming of you
I ignored you like I ignored my sleep

like this.

But the moon reminded me of you

like this.

I slept during the days so that I can consider you as a daydream

like this.

I tried channeling my thoughts..
But when you or your thought passes by,

like this….

My mind became a Prism exposing bad n good moments in my life
Like a child left alone in a room full of ice-creams,
knew nothing other than to gobble up.

Like this.

How do I emote my feelings ?
How do you lock me in this prison of feeling I have no key for?

Like this??

How do I explain something I have no idea about?
Why do I keep answering myself ?

Like this.

My mirror says move on, my beloved says move on,
Why do I stay in the same place ?

Like this???

Why do I derail my concentration letting such thoughts cross my mind ?

Dear Memories, I’ve been meaning to tell you..
Go away!! Or give me more wine.

I realized and started living life of my own,
Whenever I feel proud of myself on my decisions

like this,

you poke and create a ruckus in my mind..

How foolish I was to ignore sleep and you, my dear MEMORIES

like this.

you whip me not to forget the past

like this.

I hate to admit.
This pain from this whiplash keeps me alive,
expand realms of my emotional balance
and rediscover myself by each passing day..

Questions lies in the answer and answer lies within the question

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

Just like the paradox of happiness!!!




Sublime story telling

Animation has excelled over the years…

From comics to frame to frame rendering to digital animation, we have seen visual wonders.

Nothing comes even close to Comics when it comes to story telling and engaging audience till the last page..

Happen to find one such gem and happy to share with you..

I bet you couldn’t stop reading once you get to page01… 🙂
A Secret of Talking Bird #0 - Page 2.jpg

Click here to download full comic

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presenting you…

Secret of Talking Bird by Amar Chitra Katha

Ever wondered how time has changed, so were the ads… ads those days were a pleasure to watch… checkout Gems ad on page 33/35 too..

Good time relieving your early childhood days 🙂


It starts with one thing

making a choice

with great expectations and set of beliefs; we set out to make all the right choices in life.
Only when we see other side of the world, we realize fair-play is a myth.

Fair play – most talked about, heard about, but doesn’t exist.

One preaches about peace and patience
but when its their turn to face;
the saint transforms into hypocrite.

Mistress runs to her lover with love
wife to her husband in need or out of jealousy
Every race is different

A sun at midnight knows no east, no west
a sun at midday look pointless, but on its race to meet the dawn.
Its lack of light/perspectives that make a difference.

feelings and time move like lightning and wind
they wont let anyone drown in the rain of memories.
don’t ask a settler a better place to live,
ask a traveller time-traveller whose home is the place he is headed to.

What makes nightingale unique among other birds?
Nightingale only chirps 3 months in an year,while other birds chirp everyday.
Speak your mind carefully like a warrior swings his blade : swift and precis.
No one cares about chirping of a daily bird.

There is a constant stream of new jokes on how to to lead a perfect life.

• Study  Find  job  Find partner  Get involved in the creative project of making babies 

Then push those poor babies into the same rigmarole.

We are unwanted children of God[existential citation required]
We start as children – pretend to be a grownup – end up as children again.

Its easy to be judgmental,
tough to retrospect and own their own faults.

A great mutual embrace is always happening between hope and satisfaction
we get hope from one source, satisfaction from other.

When time tends to absolute reality,

There is no morality,
neither perfection,
There is no right/wrong.
All that matters is making choice of their own liking.

After all, life is too short to live,laugh,love and travel in a safe verified path.