On Wheels – An Old friend.04

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07:30 hrs, a visit to the temple just before leaving unsure of next visit.

Surprisingly, I have found the 3faced nandi while walking away.

I have been searching for this since day one only found it moments

before I left the place.

Often happens,finding things at the last moment when least expected.

Also these art pieces I have failed to notice during my brief stay.

It stinged a moment when I saw the board, “welcome to Hospet“.

Of course, no place is to stay forever.
we might call ourselves settlers but deep down, we are nomads.
Nomads at heart.
the mindless, unbounded travelers for a lifetime.

8am and my stomach asked for a refill.

As I crossed Tungabhadra Dam headed towards Hubli road, the merciless trucks derailed me off the track. I was furious and blessed them with abuses, though they couldn’t hear, it was all to my satisfaction.
With so many transport vehicles mobbing around, I sensed some dhabas could be nearby.

It was an industrial area and there was a company (hospet steels?). Opposite to its entrance, there is a dhaba  where I had the best dosas with best chutneys.
Fresh from the pan, fresh from the grinders.

Dosa thin as a wafer, hot and sweet at the same time and the chutney that slides down the throat like butter with perfect chilli.. a breakfast to remember. Felt as if I’ve crossed miles and miles just for these amazing dosas.

I rested for a while and started again expecting to reach karwar  atleast by latenoon around 1500 hrs. ~330km @60kmph.


Flat straight road with windmills on either side of the road is all it is.
Most boring part of any journey is to travel a path without hurdles, without twists and turns. This is where I topped speed, setting new record on my odometer.

Though the wind and bike kept playing loud all the time, all that stayed, all that reverberated in my ears were the tabala drops in vittala temple.

Koppal – Halegere – Lakkundi – Gadag – Annigeri and finally… Hubbali.

With pints of pride and contempt for leaving hampi, reached Hubbali around 1PM.

I felt the need to rest for a while.
Around 20km after Hubbali city limits on NH63 towards Kalghati, found sree guru dhaba. stopped looking at the cots available to rest upon.

Ordered my food, asked the Punjabi boss if I was headed in the right direction.

Conversations with him and the people I’ve met typically went like this:

“Where are you coming from ?”


“from Hyderabad…., on bike…., to where?” (wondering what madness has brought this guy)

“Yes.. going to Karwar as of now”

“What for ?”

“just wanted to stay as far as possible from the city, from the life I know”

A mix of shock,surprise and concern clearly visible on their face,
the pauses they take in between, narrowing their eyebrows.
That look on people face when I answer their questions is priceless.

A place suggested by the locals of Hampi.
There is always a hidden pleasure in going to a place where nobody knows you.
It was one of the meeting place of  Ocean and land.

Every song has a dullest point and best point. To really enjoy the best, one has to deal with dullest points.
Such is any journey.

Shortly after Kalghati, the best has come. Forest Area. Forest roads.

One of the finest road with smooth curves, and thick forest cover barely allowing sunlight to fall on the road.I forgot that I was away from home, that I was alone these beautifully dangerous roads.

Whenever I see a sign board of sharp curve, I sped up to bank sharply..
like a Motogp Racer on fire to burn the road with tyres (with a speed lock of 107kmph). Clouds challenging me to race with its fast moving wedges of shadow, it felt like a dream.

I felt like a child left alone with a bowl of ice cream.

Just when I was getting friendly with happiness, came the uninvited guest : reality.

Lately I was living in a state of denial.
Denying the way I lived, kept my ears busy listening to too many voices not listening to my own. Being marked, asking to be thrown away and being thrown away, being “advised” the right doings and wrong doings by the society.

How do I run away from the books of history, I am miles apart now.
How do I win over?, when I chose to lose
How do I get over my insane choices?
How to heal myself,when I was the one to cut myself bones deep.
How do I forgive myself, deal with myself even thought knowing “its not my way”

With a high degree of randomness in thoughts and speed fluctuations, I was driving with deep thoughts.A team of a trolls approached in the form of heavy cargo trucks.
But this time, not to derail me off the track, but with a force that could push me away.

If I wait for all these trucks to pass by and later travel, I wouldn’t reach before dawn.
I had to go against these trucks, challenge the heavy air friction they carry with themselves.
Holding on was even a difficult task let alone keep going.

Each passing truck was a neck-breaker. Jacket being the saviour of the day.

And then came the place, leaving me clueless in the unknown jungle, where signals couldnt pass through heavy tree trunks, through the heavy mountain ranges.

Few million petrol drops later…

I came back to my senses and came to know that Karwar, the new destination is just 50km away at the last pitstop.

It was then that I realised how lost I was in that green lush enchanted forest roads.

Just before the dawn, reached the coastal plains, the west of the ghats pumping strange sense of  happiness with a hint of melancholy.

The emotions of meeting an old friend after ages, the sight of ocean from few metres awayWP_20151201_16_03_02_Pro.jpg

I have finally reached my destination, karwar.

I am clueless again. Not knowing what to do.

You reach a destination, become clueless. then root for the other, become clueless.
and then another..

One thing remains constant at all stages.

Being clueless. Hence continued my clueless journey.




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