01. packing, unpacking : In between

Have I packed well atleast this time?

the question that have always bothered in past,present and future tense of any travel.

Even after a good recovery from what was biggest setback in my career; I couldn’t move out of the city.

One fine morning, there was an ad;there was a quote I came across.

“take your body where your mind is”…

words are translated inspirations of human experience. And sometimes those words in its entirety guide us to seek  new experiences.

After a long exercise of packing and unpacking, nervously kicked off for yet another experience after 99 days of hibernation in hometown.

Spice-jet has this amazing tag line if noticed.

Which goes as:  hot. red and spicy.

The moment  I saw air-hostesses, I was enchanted by their designed smile and beauty. The tagline maybe about them.

As soon as the flight took off, the window seat offered a magnificent view of the city.

On a normal day, we look up for stars in the sky.

But that moment, it felt as if I was searching to find out which constellation(city), those stars on earth belong to.

Somehow, fight-club deeply impacted my conscience that i envisioned engine failure/ mid air collision/ Radar failure/ going south for north/ crash-landing or a failed take-off.

Thanks to Air Crash Investigations by NGC which taught million possible ways to die on an air travel.

Being addicted to railway travel, the flight left me wanting more.

Unfortunately, its the era that values time more than the experience and quality..
Like a fan feels for a classical tale longing 8 hours is slashed to 8 min musical skit.

Though adaptability has its demands, there is this deep sense of satisfaction in living with the original.

The question just got its answer while retrieving luggage at the destination.

Not packed well. One of the shoe fell off from the bag and traveled solo on the conveyer belt. It became a comic relief for the fellow co-passengers after a turbulent flight.

and some of the songs on my playlist weren’t fit to purpose.

Of course, the packing may be imperfect… but not the content the bag and my mind had.

And the best companion I ever had is with me.*(except that one time in Kashmir)

thanks to fukat ka tata-docomo airport WiFi.


Recurring gift


With an endless greed for supremacy and will to conquer, wars have been fought.

Whatever  the cause of war was,img_0739

Sunset brought peace asking the undead to retire for the day.

On a fortunate early evening(s) when my boss left early;


metaphorically, the sun peeked through the curtain and wavered me peace.


Who would pass on such a view?
so have I walked down to celebrate the evening with orange mystic clouds and mild winds.⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓







The sun slowly induced its art in the evening by painting shades of orange and yellow all over the sky.

Every evening is a unannounced gift

where sun’s solo trip comes to an end, making its way for starry skies and the occasional moon.

I could just do one thing, ride. Ride into the madness of night with no option but to surrender.

Ofcourse, the light is best served/valued in darkness.


Celebrating Sunset⇓⇓





Calling it a day!!


9. Ek nadi thi

8. The Story teller

Note 1 : I made a promise to self not to speak of anyone explicitly on this blog, but here I am breaking my rule 1. Now that I have warned you, proceed at your risk..

Despite the continuous ongoing drama in the valley, the journey never stopped surprising me.This time, a company in chaos.

With her by my side, what was turning into sleepy groovy bass turned into an unpredictable hi pitched synthesizer beats.

We settled down at Wani restaurant after early sunrise where the lorry drivers were smoking.

She pulled out a cigarette cursing the smokers in mute and took one long shot saying “smoking takes away lives faster, do not smoke.. EVER” as if its her last breath and passed it on tossing away the ashes.

Taking the cig into hands, what she said and what she did was a head-scratcher..

I looked at her shifting my eyes from the cigarette onto her. She  was already wearing an evil smile.

Somehow I secretly began hating the recent developments : having a company being #1.

I only chose to travel alone so that I have all these memories associated with me, just me.
But silently she nudged her way into my moments, disqualifying this for a solo trip.

This doctor had the unswerving wisdom that can destroy any romanticism left in cupid, responding loudly to emotions with reasoning, science and fluent sarcasm.

At breakfast, we fed ourselves with left over insults from last night.

When we returned back to the hotel, Sheikh Bhai asked her about her stay with his infectious smile, “as long as it pleases”, she replied looking at the mountains.

There goes the commitment phobic“, I said.

She turned back and tried to look serious.
Instead, she broke out smiling turn back towards me to shut up.
Dimple left her cheeks long after smile has left.

This wasn’t the first time I have seen “her smile”. It was during one of my poor joke the other day that earned her first smile.

One thing led to another and we began discussing what led us to the Kargil despite the insurgency and its sad state.

When I summarized my life story and what has built me to the moment, she was sitting opposite to me with a terrific stillness.

Unable to comprehend, I took my chai glass for warmth. Then began music in background.. “emotional atyaachar” from DevD.

And she grinned like a donkey.

I was angry the moment and smiling the next. She had a infectious thin air laugh too cute to watch.

“template life wouldn’t suit you”, she said.

In her words, “we wear a practical mask. we make excuses with this practical mask; the worst being “Afterall, I am a human being” thing. Being a human being doesn’t entitle one to play with others emotions or time. You need not live in everyone’s perspectives. There’s no wrong in being wrong. You are not 50, but precisely half of it.
Live your age….. love is noble,courageous only in fairy tales while in real life, its a cover for one’s selfishness…… (a good 5 min monologue)… +rumi metaphor 

“Live your age” is what stayed with me.

From then, the “emosional atyachaar” has become my ringtone.

The chotti Eid in Kangan with sheik bhai’s family, the wazwaan cooked together, the improvised movie conversations, serious puns exchanged, sharing playlists, listening to just released ADHM, Mirzya.., playng with sheikh bhai’s kids, she fighting to read my unpublished wordpress drafts in onenote., … and many little little moments which felt like an era lived too soon.

It wasn’t a dream, for the place is already a dream.

Sindhu river in moonlight

While I was contemplating on taking up the job back in hyderabad.. she spoke while watching night tv..

“You earned it… there’s no glory in throwing away what you achieved. That’s not disgracing yourself, but your effort. You’ve did it once years ago, don’t do it again..”

With a sponsored ticket, flew back the very next day with lot of hesitation to leave the place with a fear that we may no see each other.

Zendagi Migzara… I’ve told myselves.. life must go on.

Farewell is an event when a closed one becomes stranger again,
this farewell has made a stranger into closed one.

Our rooms

Revisit : 04. Songs of Déjà-vu

Previously, Revisit – 03. Oh so Stoned!!!

“Love and romantic relationships brings out chutiya version of oneself, not letting one to operate at their optimal best”  – a friend at Sonamarg.

The dividing line between love and lust is always blurred.
When one attempts to discover the line, it fades away with a dirty smile.

This love/lust is the evolution of expectations.

Expectations that make the blame game sound sweeter,
Expectations that take away the innocence of youth,
that glorifies all right-doings and wrongdoings.

But there is this strange force
that draws one’s heart towards women, like the moon that causes high tide.

Pulls us towards young women for their glamour and wit;
towards old women for their wisdom and experience in life.

I was carrying myself around with these pack of preconceived notions, and have encountered this couple on strangest tides that swiveled me.

Unlike the normal couple that indulges in Public Display of Romance, these doesn’t seem to believe in live action before and seem to have stayed in their senses.



These couple were busy travelling  into each others’ eyes.
Eventually, they exiled themselves from surrounding social world.

*On the pretext of taking selfie, switched to rear camera and took these shots*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The way they looked into each other was despicably adorable.

The wind blew mild and  music played songs of deja-vu.

A fraction of my heart yearned to have such chaotic ecstatic moment in life.

There isn’t a conclusion for a feeling like this,

difficult to understand, hard to explain.

Only the presence is felt, and absence experienced.


-In fond memory of,
Partner in crime 😉

Revisit – 03. Oh so Stoned!!!

The Revisit – 02.Freedom

There is a river and two shores.

On one side, there is spirituality divinity, history, art and architecture.

On other side, there is  Kishkinda. The roman-chic place in complete contrast to Hampi.

We got the first hand information that last boat on either shores leaves at 6pm.
But heard someone saying, people will transport even late at night at extra cost.

Laziness prevailed on us.
And then we were on one side of the shore in the dark waiting to be smuggled to the other side of the river.

A coracle has come to out rescue in darkness. But surge pricing has hit us hard. What costs 10rs at day time has been priced at 100rs.
Thats around…(you do the math)

This is nothing like my last visit. Finally we have encountered the rare species with rare clothing.

Girls were mostly in shorts, hot and extremely hot and sultry.

A few of them have joined our coracle, squatting, facing each other inorder to balance out the boat.

In the early moments of the short journey,

a girl giggled and said in breaking tone”my a$$ is getting wet”

another shortly made a statement, “I am wet” laughingly.

Our captain was not able to row us to the other shore because of the strong current, and the coracle was filling up with water slowly.

They were mixed emotions.
There was fear of drowning in the middle of the river, and the excitement of hot girls that spiced up the moment.

Confused, excited and scared at the same time.

Expecting  to reach shore ASAP, and expecting the moment last long.

This GIF perfectly sums up our situation 


It was an emotional moment when we reached the shore watching the girls walk away.

We reached our room and stretched a little over the table getting ready for dinner.

My friend had the privilege of watching intense action over other table where the girl was provoking the beast in her boyfriend.

Imagination did play dirty picture, what more can a dirty deed lead to!!

“Shortly”, in shorts came our neighbors and settled at a table opposite to us.

We gathered the courage and money and finally ordered a beer that costs a fortune.

We had chicken, we had beers, we have ‘live action’ infront of us, BOOM!!

Then came the most important cameo in our trip.

Meet Miss.Cat who was initially shy went blazing guns when she saw…

We caught him several times in his herculean attempts to get hold of the beer and handed over to his master.

We felt lazy and started playing with him and set him free.

She went to the opposite table and surprised the short girl. she freaked out and asked us to help with the cat.

Then at that moment, the ice broke.

The short girl asked us for a little hash in exchange of weed.

She gave us a look when we told that we don’t smoke.
Then, there for a moment we thought of contemplating suicide for the insulting top to bottom look she gave.

She came in like a little angel in our life and “rolled” the evening for us.

The girl opposite to my friend started touching herself on the mattress. May be she was high, or may be she intentionally did that. It was a wild night.

We were busy drinking eternity from the fountain(pippet rather) of youth 😉

Kishkinda was indeed too hot to handle.
It took several hours for eyes to adjust to such a humanly naked town.

Up Next→Revisit : 04. Songs of Déjà-vu

The Revisit – 02.Freedom

← The Revisit – Hampi.01

There is an unearthing comfort in relieving childhood memories.
With every new friend, the moments of childhood are constantly discussed and debated.
When mother runs out of ideas to embarrass, she picks up the childhood mischief stories to narrate.

As puberty hits, the belief system takes a shift. Love and social acceptance takes the center-stage.

Craving for love from people we haven’t met in our short existence becomes the life-goal.

In the transition from a kid to an adult,

We allow our memories to be ruptured,
smile corrupted,
feelings abused,
dreams hacked,
intent challenged,
heart bruised,
peace squandered,
and happiness dependent on others leaving ourselves vulnerable.

It is the dynamic thought process and questioning ability that resurrect the freedom of one’s own independence lost in history.

There are several phases in one’s life.

There has been a phase in our existence timeline.
Where,we spoke more through eyes, rarely with voice.


There has been a phase in our existence timeline.
Where,The world was too small to wander. Mother’s lap is the most comforting place to be.

There has been a phase in our existence.
Where,where calm behavior seems insane!


There has been a phase in our existence.
Where,the real existence has been sealed in embracing the moment rather than striving to capture


There has been a phase in our existence.
Where, we celebrated little moments with freshness inside chest

Traveled the world with bigger footprints


we didn’t shy away to watch what is happening around


When love brings in freedom, that freedom brings in reverence and also the child in oneself.

Then, that way, I became the child for the moment.Again.


This is how I pose when asked to (posted  this pic just for the hot lady)

Revisit – 03. Oh so Stoned!!!→

The Revisit – Hampi.01

In a banter over email with the Doc, came the discussion about the places that needs another visit, which triggered me to go Hampi to settle with my ongoing drama in life.

I went on saying doc how it felt like in Hampi,
“Hampi is an emotion!!
like a kiss that doesn’t demand kissback but deserves one,
like a dream that I would conveniently forget to redream again,
a place where I built a house full of memories”.

Unlike the usually long addictive solo trips,
this time started out with a known company, a borrowed DSLR, and planned return date for the weekend.

With cancelled tickets, we boarded the train weaving different stories on how to plead innocent and get away with fine from the TC.

The TC fined us fairly and we paid up agreeing not to budge him for confirmed berths.I got used to the ordeal of rough beginning and a journey full of hiccups but my friend had to struggle.

The journey has begun.
A man with half-burnt face with his partner,
a racy couple consumed by the cold night,
a musician from Hubbali exporting his congo and dholak were the notable passengers.

There were these obvious statements.  Again.

Why Hampi? Go Goa.
“Hampi has nothing but ruins”, came a travel advice from the musician unasked for.

He went on with his free-advice of assessing what’s in Hampi, what to watch out for and I stood there listening his tourist knowledge while my friend was struggling for a suitable position for the night with the packed congo beside him.

Eventually, the discussion boiled down to what he was transporting. Congo, Dholak and several percussion instruments as I’ve guessed earlier.

He introduced himself as the lead musician mostly on tabla and congo.

I drained him with questions like, “who is your audience, won’t you find these instruments in your city, how is your income like, do you feel respected, do you get paid well?…. ”

When he asked my name and I answered, he asked if I was a christian, “My parents are” I’ve replied with a smile. He asked curiously ‘why hampi’ to which I tilt my head and smiled.

As we arrived Guntakal, he found a vacated berth.
He joined his hands with a faint smile and said “good night”, rather hinting goodbye to me and my questions.


A profound happiness filled in me, its been 54 days I haven’t been in a train or on a rail platform. There is something weirdly strange about train travel.

While the railway employees  separated our coaches from others that are headed to yeshwantpura, I stood there as spectator to see the proceeding. Disengaging and engaging  air locks, augmenting coaches to the other link. A ritual that I wouldn’t miss.

The train made its way into Karnataka in a few moments.
Though separated by territorial borders, governing bodies and telephone carriers, unified by language as majority speaks Telugu giving the feeling of home state.

Just a couple of hours and we’ll be in Hospet.

With camera in hand and good music passing though ear canals, passed through the foggy green farms of Toranagallu.

The news in 29th october read, “colorful procession (…) hampi utsav” has rekindled my sleepy eyes with excitement.

Just like that, we passed through the track of neatly plaited agri farms and coconut trees on either sides,

IMG_6358 copy.jpg

reached Hospet, end of yet another journey marking space for another travelogue!!

The Revisit – 02.Freedom