Revisit : 04. Songs of Déjà-vu

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“Love and romantic relationships brings out chutiya version of oneself, not letting one to operate at their optimal best”  – a friend at Sonamarg.

The dividing line between love and lust is always blurred.
When one attempts to discover the line, it fades away with a dirty smile.

This love/lust is the evolution of expectations.

Expectations that make the blame game sound sweeter,
Expectations that take away the innocence of youth,
that glorifies all right-doings and wrongdoings.

But there is this strange force
that draws one’s heart towards women, like the moon that causes high tide.

Pulls us towards young women for their glamour and wit;
towards old women for their wisdom and experience in life.

I was carrying myself around with these pack of preconceived notions, and have encountered this couple on strangest tides that swiveled me.

Unlike the normal couple that indulges in Public Display of Romance, these doesn’t seem to believe in live action before and seem to have stayed in their senses.



These couple were busy travelling  into each others’ eyes.
Eventually, they exiled themselves from surrounding social world.

*On the pretext of taking selfie, switched to rear camera and took these shots*

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The way they looked into each other was despicably adorable.

The wind blew mild and  music played songs of deja-vu.

A fraction of my heart yearned to have such chaotic ecstatic moment in life.

There isn’t a conclusion for a feeling like this,

difficult to understand, hard to explain.

Only the presence is felt, and absence experienced.


-In fond memory of,
Partner in crime 😉

Revisit – 03. Oh so Stoned!!!

The Revisit – 02.Freedom

There is a river and two shores.

On one side, there is spirituality divinity, history, art and architecture.

On other side, there is  Kishkinda. The roman-chic place in complete contrast to Hampi.

We got the first hand information that last boat on either shores leaves at 6pm.
But heard someone saying, people will transport even late at night at extra cost.

Laziness prevailed on us.
And then we were on one side of the shore in the dark waiting to be smuggled to the other side of the river.

A coracle has come to out rescue in darkness. But surge pricing has hit us hard. What costs 10rs at day time has been priced at 100rs.
Thats around…(you do the math)

This is nothing like my last visit. Finally we have encountered the rare species with rare clothing.

Girls were mostly in shorts, hot and extremely hot and sultry.

A few of them have joined our coracle, squatting, facing each other inorder to balance out the boat.

In the early moments of the short journey,

a girl giggled and said in breaking tone”my a$$ is getting wet”

another shortly made a statement, “I am wet” laughingly.

Our captain was not able to row us to the other shore because of the strong current, and the coracle was filling up with water slowly.

They were mixed emotions.
There was fear of drowning in the middle of the river, and the excitement of hot girls that spiced up the moment.

Confused, excited and scared at the same time.

Expecting  to reach shore ASAP, and expecting the moment last long.

This GIF perfectly sums up our situation 


It was an emotional moment when we reached the shore watching the girls walk away.

We reached our room and stretched a little over the table getting ready for dinner.

My friend had the privilege of watching intense action over other table where the girl was provoking the beast in her boyfriend.

Imagination did play dirty picture, what more can a dirty deed lead to!!

“Shortly”, in shorts came our neighbors and settled at a table opposite to us.

We gathered the courage and money and finally ordered a beer that costs a fortune.

We had chicken, we had beers, we have ‘live action’ infront of us, BOOM!!

Then came the most important cameo in our trip.

Meet Miss.Cat who was initially shy went blazing guns when she saw…

We caught him several times in his herculean attempts to get hold of the beer and handed over to his master.

We felt lazy and started playing with him and set him free.

She went to the opposite table and surprised the short girl. she freaked out and asked us to help with the cat.

Then at that moment, the ice broke.

The short girl asked us for a little hash in exchange of weed.

She gave us a look when we told that we don’t smoke.
Then, there for a moment we thought of contemplating suicide for the insulting top to bottom look she gave.

She came in like a little angel in our life and “rolled” the evening for us.

The girl opposite to my friend started touching herself on the mattress. May be she was high, or may be she intentionally did that. It was a wild night.

We were busy drinking eternity from the fountain(pippet rather) of youth 😉

Kishkinda was indeed too hot to handle.
It took several hours for eyes to adjust to such a humanly naked town.

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The Revisit – 02.Freedom

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There is an unearthing comfort in relieving childhood memories.
With every new friend, the moments of childhood are constantly discussed and debated.
When mother runs out of ideas to embarrass, she picks up the childhood mischief stories to narrate.

As puberty hits, the belief system takes a shift. Love and social acceptance takes the center-stage.

Craving for love from people we haven’t met in our short existence becomes the life-goal.

In the transition from a kid to an adult,

We allow our memories to be ruptured,
smile corrupted,
feelings abused,
dreams hacked,
intent challenged,
heart bruised,
peace squandered,
and happiness dependent on others leaving ourselves vulnerable.

It is the dynamic thought process and questioning ability that resurrect the freedom of one’s own independence lost in history.

There are several phases in one’s life.

There has been a phase in our existence timeline.
Where,we spoke more through eyes, rarely with voice.


There has been a phase in our existence timeline.
Where,The world was too small to wander. Mother’s lap is the most comforting place to be.

There has been a phase in our existence.
Where,where calm behavior seems insane!


There has been a phase in our existence.
Where,the real existence has been sealed in embracing the moment rather than striving to capture


There has been a phase in our existence.
Where, we celebrated little moments with freshness inside chest

Traveled the world with bigger footprints


we didn’t shy away to watch what is happening around


When love brings in freedom, that freedom brings in reverence and also the child in oneself.

Then, that way, I became the child for the moment.Again.


This is how I pose when asked to (posted  this pic just for the hot lady)

Revisit – 03. Oh so Stoned!!!→

The Revisit – Hampi.01

In a banter over email with the Doc, came the discussion about the places that needs another visit, which triggered me to go Hampi to settle with my ongoing drama in life.

I went on saying doc how it felt like in Hampi,
“Hampi is an emotion!!
like a kiss that doesn’t demand kissback but deserves one,
like a dream that I would conveniently forget to redream again,
a place where I built a house full of memories”.

Unlike the usually long addictive solo trips,
this time started out with a known company, a borrowed DSLR, and planned return date for the weekend.

With cancelled tickets, we boarded the train weaving different stories on how to plead innocent and get away with fine from the TC.

The TC fined us fairly and we paid up agreeing not to budge him for confirmed berths.I got used to the ordeal of rough beginning and a journey full of hiccups but my friend had to struggle.

The journey has begun.
A man with half-burnt face with his partner,
a racy couple consumed by the cold night,
a musician from Hubbali exporting his congo and dholak were the notable passengers.

There were these obvious statements.  Again.

Why Hampi? Go Goa.
“Hampi has nothing but ruins”, came a travel advice from the musician unasked for.

He went on with his free-advice of assessing what’s in Hampi, what to watch out for and I stood there listening his tourist knowledge while my friend was struggling for a suitable position for the night with the packed congo beside him.

Eventually, the discussion boiled down to what he was transporting. Congo, Dholak and several percussion instruments as I’ve guessed earlier.

He introduced himself as the lead musician mostly on tabla and congo.

I drained him with questions like, “who is your audience, won’t you find these instruments in your city, how is your income like, do you feel respected, do you get paid well?…. ”

When he asked my name and I answered, he asked if I was a christian, “My parents are” I’ve replied with a smile. He asked curiously ‘why hampi’ to which I tilt my head and smiled.

As we arrived Guntakal, he found a vacated berth.
He joined his hands with a faint smile and said “good night”, rather hinting goodbye to me and my questions.


A profound happiness filled in me, its been 54 days I haven’t been in a train or on a rail platform. There is something weirdly strange about train travel.

While the railway employees  separated our coaches from others that are headed to yeshwantpura, I stood there as spectator to see the proceeding. Disengaging and engaging  air locks, augmenting coaches to the other link. A ritual that I wouldn’t miss.

The train made its way into Karnataka in a few moments.
Though separated by territorial borders, governing bodies and telephone carriers, unified by language as majority speaks Telugu giving the feeling of home state.

Just a couple of hours and we’ll be in Hospet.

With camera in hand and good music passing though ear canals, passed through the foggy green farms of Toranagallu.

The news in 29th october read, “colorful procession (…) hampi utsav” has rekindled my sleepy eyes with excitement.

Just like that, we passed through the track of neatly plaited agri farms and coconut trees on either sides,

IMG_6358 copy.jpg

reached Hospet, end of yet another journey marking space for another travelogue!!

The Revisit – 02.Freedom

On Wheels – An Old friend.04

← On Wheels – Hampi.03

WP_20151201_08_01_08_Pro copy.jpg

07:30 hrs, a visit to the temple just before leaving unsure of next visit.

Surprisingly, I have found the 3faced nandi while walking away.

I have been searching for this since day one only found it moments

before I left the place.

Often happens,finding things at the last moment when least expected.

Also these art pieces I have failed to notice during my brief stay.

It stinged a moment when I saw the board, “welcome to Hospet“.

Of course, no place is to stay forever.
we might call ourselves settlers but deep down, we are nomads.
Nomads at heart.
the mindless, unbounded travelers for a lifetime.

8am and my stomach asked for a refill.

As I crossed Tungabhadra Dam headed towards Hubli road, the merciless trucks derailed me off the track. I was furious and blessed them with abuses, though they couldn’t hear, it was all to my satisfaction.
With so many transport vehicles mobbing around, I sensed some dhabas could be nearby.

It was an industrial area and there was a company (hospet steels?). Opposite to its entrance, there is a dhaba  where I had the best dosas with best chutneys.
Fresh from the pan, fresh from the grinders.

Dosa thin as a wafer, hot and sweet at the same time and the chutney that slides down the throat like butter with perfect chilli.. a breakfast to remember. Felt as if I’ve crossed miles and miles just for these amazing dosas.

I rested for a while and started again expecting to reach karwar  atleast by latenoon around 1500 hrs. ~330km @60kmph.


Flat straight road with windmills on either side of the road is all it is.
Most boring part of any journey is to travel a path without hurdles, without twists and turns. This is where I topped speed, setting new record on my odometer.

Though the wind and bike kept playing loud all the time, all that stayed, all that reverberated in my ears were the tabala drops in vittala temple.

Koppal – Halegere – Lakkundi – Gadag – Annigeri and finally… Hubbali.

With pints of pride and contempt for leaving hampi, reached Hubbali around 1PM.

I felt the need to rest for a while.
Around 20km after Hubbali city limits on NH63 towards Kalghati, found sree guru dhaba. stopped looking at the cots available to rest upon.

Ordered my food, asked the Punjabi boss if I was headed in the right direction.

Conversations with him and the people I’ve met typically went like this:

“Where are you coming from ?”


“from Hyderabad…., on bike…., to where?” (wondering what madness has brought this guy)

“Yes.. going to Karwar as of now”

“What for ?”

“just wanted to stay as far as possible from the city, from the life I know”

A mix of shock,surprise and concern clearly visible on their face,
the pauses they take in between, narrowing their eyebrows.
That look on people face when I answer their questions is priceless.

A place suggested by the locals of Hampi.
There is always a hidden pleasure in going to a place where nobody knows you.
It was one of the meeting place of  Ocean and land.

Every song has a dullest point and best point. To really enjoy the best, one has to deal with dullest points.
Such is any journey.

Shortly after Kalghati, the best has come. Forest Area. Forest roads.

One of the finest road with smooth curves, and thick forest cover barely allowing sunlight to fall on the road.I forgot that I was away from home, that I was alone these beautifully dangerous roads.

Whenever I see a sign board of sharp curve, I sped up to bank sharply..
like a Motogp Racer on fire to burn the road with tyres (with a speed lock of 107kmph). Clouds challenging me to race with its fast moving wedges of shadow, it felt like a dream.

I felt like a child left alone with a bowl of ice cream.

Just when I was getting friendly with happiness, came the uninvited guest : reality.

Lately I was living in a state of denial.
Denying the way I lived, kept my ears busy listening to too many voices not listening to my own. Being marked, asking to be thrown away and being thrown away, being “advised” the right doings and wrong doings by the society.

How do I run away from the books of history, I am miles apart now.
How do I win over?, when I chose to lose
How do I get over my insane choices?
How to heal myself,when I was the one to cut myself bones deep.
How do I forgive myself, deal with myself even thought knowing “its not my way”

With a high degree of randomness in thoughts and speed fluctuations, I was driving with deep thoughts.A team of a trolls approached in the form of heavy cargo trucks.
But this time, not to derail me off the track, but with a force that could push me away.

If I wait for all these trucks to pass by and later travel, I wouldn’t reach before dawn.
I had to go against these trucks, challenge the heavy air friction they carry with themselves.
Holding on was even a difficult task let alone keep going.

Each passing truck was a neck-breaker. Jacket being the saviour of the day.

And then came the place, leaving me clueless in the unknown jungle, where signals couldnt pass through heavy tree trunks, through the heavy mountain ranges.

Few million petrol drops later…

I came back to my senses and came to know that Karwar, the new destination is just 50km away at the last pitstop.

It was then that I realised how lost I was in that green lush enchanted forest roads.

Just before the dawn, reached the coastal plains, the west of the ghats pumping strange sense of  happiness with a hint of melancholy.

The emotions of meeting an old friend after ages, the sight of ocean from few metres awayWP_20151201_16_03_02_Pro.jpg

I have finally reached my destination, karwar.

I am clueless again. Not knowing what to do.

You reach a destination, become clueless. then root for the other, become clueless.
and then another..

One thing remains constant at all stages.

Being clueless. Hence continued my clueless journey.


On Wheels – Hampi.03

Previously, On Wheels – Hampi.02

Disclaimer : An overdose of telugu romantic songs, cloudy mystic weather, good company and a series of unforeseen events previous night are to be blamed for what you are about to read.  Please consider feminine HER mentioned below as Hampi, the beautiful city of ruins.

Its tough to get out of a warm blanket on a winter morning but not when someone bangs your door so loud as if they are trying to break in and bust you.

It took me a while to get conscious. We set out on a hunt to catch Sun on its first appearance today. 5.45am and its still dark. A little fog here and there made it clear that the sun is going to to arrive late..

That gave us a chance to roam around. In the dark, we first went to road that leads to vittala where we saw milking of cows. Asked them directions to the temple.. we were headed in wrong direction initially and set our course right immediately.

On my left, there was a stillwater body, possibly tungabhadra kamlapura lake and on the other side are green farms. I slowed down to embrace the view but didn’t stop to unveil what comes next. We drove past the road with farms on both sides.. we were lost in our playlists…

~10km away from Hampi, saw a road which has total farms on both sides. Made quick left turn onto that road.. I just felt like moving down that path.

Her beauty cannot be captured nor contained
she is beautiful not only for what she looks like
she is beautiful for what she made me feel
I couldnt dare take my camera to capture her at that moment..

Early morning Fog started melting
the pleasure of early morning drizzle combined with smell of sand acted as sedative, made me immobile.
I havent been more happy waking up early morning..

There was a hint  of Sun coming out.. so we headed back to still river

Its almost 7 and the sun is playing hide and seek with the clouds like a kid unwilling to get off his bed.

We were expecting to see the sunrise… but this is all we’ve managed to seeWP_20151130_06_57_16_Pro.jpg

When I looked into water while sun’s rays refracted through ripples.. I felt being hypnotised, I felt I was moving..

I couldnt resist to take picture with the nature..

The sun ignored us.. its 8am. Sunrise is  shrouded with clouds..

With random thoughts in mind, freshened up and went to see Lakshmi take bath. Heard tat she stays naked all the time.

What a happy Chained soul!!!

8am and the sun didn’t come out. People, travelers, kids and school children kept my eyes busy me till Lakshmi came.

As soon as Lakshmi came into water, she bombed all around…


this picture speaks about temperature there… look at those clouds..

It was fun watching her take bath thought it angered me when that guy hit Lakshmi to make her sit, make her lay.
He was her caretaker, her master after all.

European family that came from other side of bank and locals took interest to bathe the elephant.
She was playing in water with its trunk, playfully collecting water through her nostrils and blew at people..


Because of her gigantic frame, it took him almost an hour to bathe her. I felt hungry and searched for available food options where I found these..

I remember having them at home made by mom but these firewood made ponganalu melted softly in my mouth…

Pleasure of having food prepared in old style is eternal bliss. Each round costs 20INR and I happily had 2.. conversation with the woman making them reminded my mom.

The view from parking lot is nothing short of dream sequence, a beautiful painting..

and like that, Laksmi walked away to its humble abode of chains…


Every place I visit, I realize I leave a part of me there.
This time, I’ve lost my room key too.
Fortunately, my neighbor keys matched with mine and the “breaking the lock” hassle has been avoided.

I kept locking myself in a place, in a heart and kept losing the key. How could I unlock myself ??

Experiences taught me that love hurts.
I grew up and realized that love doesn’t hurt
What hurts is the intensity in love.. Unconditional, unflinching..
I made a decision to never  get too attached and get hurt
But I am frail to be perfect

I started falling in love with her
I wanted to stay here forever with her
there was a dialogue in my mind of 2 polarising voices
one wants to stay and the other wants to leave

I became an expert in walking away at the right time and never turn back
I want to make an exception for her
If I stay longer and let her get onto me
All I would be left is pain and agony

Having Best things is a blessing and a curse in disguise that makes you never have anything good again..

I would regret leaving the place
I would regret staying longer
I would regret making a decision to visit it in first place
and would end up hating myself for making those series of decisions..

I will leave tomorrow” told my selves..

I need a good road to ride, destination is an excuse.

“Karwar”flashed my mind and searched in here maps to find its geo location.

~350kms away from Hampi


I jotted down route map on a paper.. trusting maps totally is foolishness. Sat with the restro owner while planning.

Earlier I had doubts on my ability to travel solo on a bike… my confidence was low, and the shift of tone in diary says it all.. I had motorcycle diaries for inspiration but never read that.. it has done its part.. boosted my confidence..
She (Hampi) has brought my fluctuating mood to a midtone.

Its the ghat section I am headed to this time.. NH63
I am scared like never before. I want to make home alive in one piece.

I will drive with utmost attention and care.. but what can I do if someone runs onto me.. ??

I couldnt go to bed. Memories kept haunting me.. good ones and bad ones.

Conversation with Poland couple, a single parent with his cute daughter (reminded me of Yennai Arindhaal) and few travelers reeled.

This Kind of seating  is common at restaurants in Hampi

The thought of leaving this place made me happy yet sad.. Happy because I am going to ride again.. into the wild. Sad because it won’t be Hampi.

To pluck a Rose, you have to deal with the thorns she is surrounded with..

During day, the earth and sky in presence of Sun appear to meet at infinity
Just like existence of infinity, there is no meeting place.
But when Sun sails out, darkness creeps in,
When the moon shy away into a dark corner,
When the stars’ presence is hid by dense clouds, Earth and Sky unite..

In such Darkness, I will find you.. I will meet you there… 

Till then, Goodbye Hampi.. See you again!!

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On wheels – Hampi.02

Previously, On Wheels – Hampi.01

I woke up to the early sunrise that set over main gopuram of the temple,  amidst the fog and mystic climate….. sunrays hit my skin softly like a feather.
I used to wake up rolling on bed and falling on the floor or to the plot twists in my dreams (nightmares)

Drove bike to Kamalapura Junction and reached back Hampi bazar…
It has become a ritual..
this driving up and down till I remember each curve, each turn, each speed breaker..

I ordered a plate idly but came along 2 bajji… on asking them if it was bonus for chosing their tiffin shop, they blurted out in laugh and said people eat bajji along with tiffins… I smiled and had them too… never had mirchi bajji that early morning which is usually an evening snack


Yesterday, I remember having crossed the roadway to Vittala… there was a footpath from Bazar to Vittala and chose to go that way.

As I started walking,

I felt I’ve been here earlier.
How could a place be so strange and yet so familiar?

As I saw those circular shaped boats, stopped a moment… a fisherman soon approached if I wanted a ride.. spoke in fluent  telugu… he asked 600 for solo ride and 400 to go along with group… I said I am low on budget, he smiled and let me go without any bargain.. he gave a few advices on interesting off beat places around…

When I asked about his business, he told about the lease they got from Tourism dept, how they operate and water levels varying in seasons…

A Shady tea spot near the temple. And an amazing view of TB bank.. those were the moments, my itch to visit Godavari has began.. So lost in the moment that I forgot to take a picture..

In the path on the right bank, saw a board that says “beware of crocodiles near water”.. I wonder why I took that warning board as a welcome board..
What is the purpose of holding back with fears after all I’ve battled myself to come out this far..

I want to stay here for a while… the music that came from water-flow, from the child’s play, from washing clothes and the rustling leaves were all in perfect sync…

Its only after settling down at this place have I realized what it was…. A place used to be music training institute which remains immersed when water level is full…

I cannot stay at one place.. I have to be on move.. and I started again…

Rock pillars,Motifs, ASI sign board of excavations and a ticket counter…

Visit Vittala to witness The glory of Vijayanagara empire…

Musical Pillars, Stone car and the architecture detail in every nook and corner of the temple..

Mindblown, Masterpiece is  an understatement…
Genius cannot be contained..
they cannot be trapped in some words, preserved in pictures…

they are not some backgrounds to take pictures with… to pose with
its when you realise its history, its architecture detail you would acknowledge of its might…

some still remain a mystery…
how could anyone imbibe tabla beats in a pillar ????

when you tap a rock, you listen tabla beat… Tabla.. the core of music which gives talam (beat).. without which there is no music..

Some fools to figure out how it actually works have  destroyed a few pillars.. and the reverberating effect it produces in the mandapas…

Acoustics, Astrology, Science, Poetry… you name it..

In silence I heard songs of glory and destruction… 

Have I been lost??  I left a part of me in Vittala temple… so stumped by the marvellous vittala… while returning thru same path.. what seemed like ruins got reconstructed in my imagination and appeared as beautiful constructions..

This place is getting onto me… it takes a considerable time till a place gets onto me… but this is different… may be beacause I’ve changed..

Wish I could travel back in time and live a day in vijayanagara empire…

What has this place gone through…

We are the Archaeologists with intense curiosity to dig into our pasts…
we so dwell into our pasts to find how good it was,
only to realise how everything shattered to pieces..
we search for happiness dwelling into past but remain with ruins.. broken, churned and spoilt…

It matters what we dwell into… a beautiful art might take years to be carved while a scar is made in matter of seconds..

you could be a beautiful carving or a deep ugly scar..

this effort to document my experience is to remember the best time I had..

Ask a tree that got burnt in the wildfire..,
what do you remember, years of happy growing up or getting burnt to ashes.. ??
Dreams are reality to the one sleeping..

We are intristically wired to negativity.. preserve the good..

I decided to have heavy lunch and some rest…

300per day-sharing bathroom-no tv.. and I thought i was Miser in the town..

French guy in room next to mehas been staying there since a month… @260/day… felt little good about myself.. and the Russian couple in the next room are in company..

I laid back a while accessing WiFi from a nearby restro.. getting ready to watch sunset..

We pay attention to sun when it fades in and fades out.. nobody bothers of the consistent day…

all we care is about the transition..

Sun gets gentle at sunrise and sunset when the yellowish orange gradient of its rays unite with darkness..

Its during this transition
you realise that Sun is not the only star
Its just been brighter than other..
but who looks out for stars when sun is out…
So is love.. So is a soulmate

Its easy to spot another solo traveler.. perks being a solo is you could find people with same madness and passion on some scale.

Conversation with people of same mind-set, listening your thoughts from another mouth than yours feels great awesome. Its like having a conversation with mirror.

Remember you are a guest house and people are travelers
nobody stay forever
keep the river inside you flowing
Like an ocean, push back to the coast the algae blooms that  floats in you

Sun got into its quiet corner..
Birds flocked  to their shelter..
so did we .. 

Me possibly to Bengaluru and she to shivamogga in a day or two..

Ritual again… reached kamalapura, asked in pure telugu about theatres around (bruce lee in telugu was running is a theatre – I wanted to experience telugu movie in another state.. not a fanboy of shitty commercial movies)..

He is unable to understand, and the first time it has happened.. telugu didnt work…

I wanted to drive actually.. to get over the hangover Vittala temple gave me and so asked for Tungabhadra dam.

He hopped on as he was headed in same direction.. at a tea stall he got off, asked others to help me in telugu…

A conversation that changed my destination.. I said I wanted to drive… I need challenging, long beautiful roads.. KARWAR is what they suggested.. first time having heard of the place.. checked  on maps… 80kms less than Blr… zipping through Western ghats..

I still havent decided when to move out.. no plans.. just living in the moment…

I didn’t query about the place.. I just inquired how the road is.. They suggested some good sunrise spots around Hampi..

I might start to Bangalore.. or to Karwar.. or to home or stay here..

I didn’t impose any restrictions on my soul.. I let it rest peacefully..

I slept like a baby listening to ‘my mind is a sranger without you’ with no fucking clue what’s in store for tomorrow..

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