On wheels – Teenage Spirit.05

Disclaimer : This isn’t a travel guide or itinerary.. rather an account of my experiences.

For the sake of continuity, please refer :On Wheels – An Old friend.04

[December 02, 2015]

I have reached my destination in one piece.

Karwar, the sign board read.City clasped by the mighty western ghats on the east and Arabian sea on the west.

I have learnt 2 facts before arriving here:

  • It has a sea coast and is at the bum of Goa
  • Karwar means a corner [safe corner| bay of safety]

Thoughts of highway cacophony, damaged patchy roads and the troubles I dealt with lorry guys were quietly sidelined by the senses of ocean.

Every wave came to the shore breaking away with a message “another wave is coming”.

Sun went into the west,
Birds flocked into the east : leaving ocean to my company.

Roof over my head is the least of my concerns at the sight of rustling sea waves.

Everytime I paid a visit to ocean : chennai, kanyakumari, vizag, pondicherry, danushkodi… the ocean took away something or I had given up something voluntarily.

It has become a regular ritual, this transaction. As if I was bribing the ocean for doing nothing. There wasn’t a reason or expectation for this like the transactions that happen in temple.

This time, I felt ultra-light at heart and could feel the strange karmic connect.

Hampi has made my heart lighter, this ocean just gave wings.

Start a discussion about ocean with me and I would never stop this dabble.

Food I had at Sree guru dhaba earlier has gone down my intestines, and a craving began inside that only a proper dinner could satisfy.

At first, I felt chained by my bike. That this companion is restricting my freedom to move. But not longer. There is no train to catch, no seat to bargain for, no private travels to bargain with.

Oh hearing from a local guy that Goa is ~25km away and the  fact that petrol is 7rs lesser than karwar bunks got me excited.
Excited not about saving money, but finding an excuse to drive again. Isn’t it a pleasure to cross a defined border and move at one’s will.

Two kinds of spirits to be excited about  : 1. teenage spirit and 2. C2H6O.


The fact that  my teenage dream, apache along with me made the goa-karwar sprints euphoric.

I was in my 6th grade when I saw this Apache RTR 160 TV commercial.


A boy watches TVS Apache through glass-pane with his tiny hands bracketing his view,
admiring the beast it is.
He dreams of driving it one-day, [flashcut] he envisions his youthful self driving apache
banking sharply on a racing track pegging at its full throttle.

His father interrupts him and takes him away.
But the boy keeps his eyes fixed on the bike.. and the commercial ends with the tagine unleash the beast.

Few days later, I ended up at the local showroom staring at yellow Apache in display, just dreaming of having it one day.

I have been deeply sentimental to ride the Apache that I have to my name. I rode Apache only after my father has brought it for me in my early engineering days [2011feb], without a test ride to check for suitability.


similar commercial with different story-line:

Many valentines day has passed ever since Feb 2011. Apache, this Apache live with me despite the disasters, despite the accidents.

The students of Engg college, karwar were very generous to include me in their evening beach volley games.
Sunset and beach volley. I need nothing for the moment.

Is there a greater pleasure than being the witness of sun’s act of waning and waxing, in the morning and evening?

Is there a soul satisfying construction than building sand castles with the kids as the color of skies change?

Is there any better channel of wisdom sharing than listening from a veteran early in the morning ?

And, Is there any competing pleasure for eyes than watching beautiful women at the beach posing?


That way, I have decided to end my watch here and go back home with several crucial decisions.

Decisions like not to use pantene again no matter how fucked up hair is.,
not to expect spicy biryani anywhere outside Hyderabad.
and never to let anyone have a say in my life ever again.


Glad you made it till here. If there is anymore patience left in you, here’s a video that could test your patience further.

Thank you for bearing with me.

Until Next time.. Peace!!


Recurring gift


With an endless greed for supremacy and will to conquer, wars have been fought.

Whatever  the cause of war was,img_0739

Sunset brought peace asking the undead to retire for the day.

On a fortunate early evening(s) when my boss left early;


metaphorically, the sun peeked through the curtain and wavered me peace.


Who would pass on such a view?
so have I walked down to celebrate the evening with orange mystic clouds and mild winds.⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓







The sun slowly induced its art in the evening by painting shades of orange and yellow all over the sky.

Every evening is a unannounced gift

where sun’s solo trip comes to an end, making its way for starry skies and the occasional moon.

I could just do one thing, ride. Ride into the madness of night with no option but to surrender.

Ofcourse, the light is best served/valued in darkness.


Celebrating Sunset⇓⇓





Calling it a day!!